European Champions Day 2023


European Champions Day 2023

Join us on the 11 May 2023 in Paris for 1 day of learning, ideation, best practice sharing and problem solving

Together, let's move mountains Join us to build an efficient European Deep-Tech Ecosystem

Let's celebrate and showcase successful European entrepreneurs who have made significant strides in the deep tech industry despite the immense competition from the US and China. 

This event aims to highlight the factors that contribute to the success of these European entrepreneurs, as well as identify areas where improvements are needed to accelerate their growth and help them become champions in their respective fields, and determine how to achieve these improvements. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, attendees can gain inspiration and insights from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. They can also learn about the latest trends and innovations in the deep tech industry. 

The European Deeptech Day also provides an opportunity for public and private innovation stakeholders to connect and collaborate with entrepreneurs, share ideas, and discuss potential partnerships. Moreover, the event can provide a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative products and services to potential investors and corporate partners, ultimately helping to drive their growth and success. 

For all stakeholders, it will also be the occasion to define and foresee how to promote workable guidelines to help this European industry thrive in the respect of our common democratic values.


Trusted Cloud

The rapid expansion of cloud services, which is expected to continue, will profoundly impact our lives. However, there are essential questions to consider: Will Europe be able to master this technological wave and preserve its democratic values? Or will the data we generate, which reflects our intelligence, be captured and monetized elsewhere? Additionally, as cloud serves as a launching pad for critical technologies like cybersecurity, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence, can the European ecosystem produce its own champions? Engage in discussions and network with exceptional leaders in these fields. We will provide insights into success factors and identify areas for improvement to help design a roadmap for European sovereignty. Join us to explore how we can ensure Europe stays at the forefront of these transformative technologies while preserving our values and protecting our data.
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Climate Tech

Addressing energy efficiency is vital for the European ecosystem, encompassing waste energy recovery, energy storage, low-energy software design, and carbon accounting to reduce emissions. The IT industry faces challenges such as increasing computing power demand, resulting in higher energy consumption, and insufficient awareness of energy-efficient practices among professionals. Many software applications are designed without prioritizing energy efficiency. 

 Clean energy necessitates storage solutions like renewable energy sources and electric cars. In manufacturing, a significant amount of energy is lost in industrial processes, presenting considerable potential for improvement. Breakthrough solutions exist, but commercializing them requires substantial effort. Tackling these challenges demands a unified approach from industry leaders, policymakers, and consumers to prioritize energy efficiency in technology development and utilization. Engage in discussions with leading European industry experts and start-up founders to explore these topics further.
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Smart Industry

The challenges of digital transformation, reducing carbon impact, and the opportunities of predictive maintenance focus on the intersection of digital transformation and sustainability. How can we reduce the carbon impact while undertaking digital transformation in various European industries? Participants will gain insights into successful case studies and learn how predictive maintenance can help organizations reduce their carbon footprint while improving efficiency. 

Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of reducing carbon impact while undertaking digital transformation and practical solutions for implementing predictive maintenance strategies. Join us to explore leveraging digital transformation to reduce our carbon footprint and create a more sustainable future.
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 Let's create a vibrant pan-European tech community

Join the European Champions Alliance (ECA) in promoting European technology and values. We believe that strengthening Europe's strategic economic autonomy requires a conscious business-related interdependence between European companies and all participants of the European economic ecosystem. Let's build a strong regional economic network to foster innovation and technologies while defending European interests and values. At the ECA, we build bridges between national ecosystems, SMEs, companies, and other supporters of the tech ecosystem in Europe. By harnessing the power of smart collaboration, we accelerate the growth of Europe's digital champions. Join us in our mission to promote European technology and values while building a strong and innovative regional economic network.

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The European Champions Day is co-sponsored and co-organized by the G9+ Institut

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